Terms and Conditions

Enlisted below are the terms and conditions applicable to any person(s) or group who hires Imperial 7 Chauffeur Ltd (hereafter i7C) services, whether a contract for hire has been established verbally, or in writing. 

1.   Bookings & Quotations:


1.1i7C accepts bookings via phone, email and website; however online and email bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  If you wish to book our chauffeur services within 24 hours; kindly contact us on (020 8619 1111)

1.2i7C’s bookings are confirmed only after a written acceptance over email or post is received from the customer.

1.3i7C’s quotations are based on lead time, the most direct routes (*unless specified by the hirer and agreed by i7C) and the waiting time during the transfers.

1.4i7C’s quotations are valid for 14 days from the date of issue, unless otherwise notified.

1.5i7C’s quotation prices do not include charges for tolls, city permits, ferry transfers, parking charges, driver facility charges (meals & accommodation) on travel for more than one day (*refer point 11) and any other applicable charges. 

1.6For any route change request or further destinations added, there will be additional charges in accordance to our pricing structure.

1.7Chauffeur hire on bank holidays and public holidays will levy additional charges and any cancellations on hire on these holidays will be non refundable under any circumstances.

1.8Chauffeur hires on Christmas and New Year’s Eve will have an additional surcharge, and all cancellations of such bookings are non-refundable.


2.   Reservations and Payments:


2.1Full payment is mandatory 7 days before the date of travel except for wedding hire**

2.2**For wedding hire a deposit of 25% is required at the time of booking and full payment is required 30 days prior to the date of travel.

2.3Payments can be made by cheque, credit cards, and bank transfers. Please note, payments by bank transfers are applicable for hires commencing at least 12 working days of UK Banks.

2.4Payment by credit card will incur an additional surcharge of 3%.


3.   Refund and Cancellation Policy:


3.1For any cancellations within 48 hours prior to the date of travel, 50% of the entire amount paid will be non-refundable and accepted as a cancellation charge. This applies for all hires except wedding bookings.

3.2For any cancellations within 24 hours prior to the date of travel, 100% of the entire amount paid will be non-refundable and accepted as a cancellation charge. This applies for all hires except wedding bookings.

3.3For Wedding Bookings:

3.3.1     In case of cancellation of a wedding booking two months from the date of hire, the deposit amount will be non-refundable and accepted as a cancellations charge.

3.3.2     In case of cancellation of a wedding booking one month prior to the date of hire, the full hire amount will be charged to the customer.

3.4If the customer does not appear at the time and place designated as the pickup point, i7C will charge full hire amount and no refunds will be processed.


Refund and Cancellation Policy - Coach Hire

  Period of Written Notice Prior to Departure   Percentage of Total Hire
  7 Days or More   Loss of Deposit
  Less that 7 days but more than 48 hours   50%
  Less than 48hours but more than 24 hours   100%
  24 hours or less   100%


4.   On Board:


4.1i7C’s qualified and experienced drivers ensure a professional service by safe driving at sensible speeds in accordance with the road conditions, traffic and the legal speed limits.

4.2The choice of selecting the route is at strict discretion of our chauffeur considering the given weather, road closures, road accidents and traffic congestion. If the customer wishes a particular route to be taken, it must be specified and agreed at the time of booking.

4.3i7C’s chauffeur reserves the right to refuse carriage of any passenger(s) that is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, offensive or abusive, or whose behaviour poses a threat to the chauffeur, the vehicle or fellow passengers.  Under these circumstances i7C will not be liable for any further responsibility of such passenger(s) and no refunds will be processed under these conditions.

4.4i7C maintains a strict non smoking and no alcohol policy. We may grant permission for alcohol consumption on hire for special occasions (wedding or leisure); however that is strictly under our discretion and needs to be permitted before the date of travel.

4.5i7C reserves the right to provide subcontracted vehicles or replace your vehicle or chauffeur at any time, if necessary.

4.6Every effort will be made by i7C to ensure that our vehicles or subcontracted vehicles arrive on time.

4.7The customers are required to maintain a sound conduct while on board. Any damage caused by customers to the interior and/or exterior of a vehicle on hire to them will be billed accordingly for any repair work or cleaning job in order to reinstate the vehicle in working condition.


5.   Luggage Capacity and Handling:


5.1All customers are required to provide an estimate of the amount (number) and dimensions of their luggage at the time of booking.

5.2The safety and luggage handling is entirely the passengers’ responsibility and i7C will not be responsible or liable for any theft, loss or damage to property of passengers travelling on the vehicle.

5.3i7C will keep all the lost property found on vehicles at their office and it will be returned to the customers, when contacted. We might ask for identification proof and hire proof as a part of our procedures.


6.   Signage and Posters:


 If hirer wishes to apply any signage, flags or notice on the vehicle, a written consent must be obtained from i7C at the time of booking.


7.   Food and Beverage:


7.1Consumption of hot beverages and alcohol is strictly forbidden on board.

7.2Consumption of food is permitted only on prior agreement with i7C.


8.   Cancellations and Liability for circumstances beyond control:


8.1i7C shall have no liability for any delayed services or failure to service caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. The circumstances beyond our reasonable control may be: war or threat of war, accidents causing delays on the service route, unforeseen traffic causing delays, strike/ industrial action, riots or local disturbance or unrest, problems caused by other customers, exceptional severe weather conditions, compliance with requests of the police, customs or other government officials and security services, deaths and accidents on road, vandalism and terrorism, the vehicle being held or delayed by a police officer, customs or government official, approval from relevant government departments of the countries concerned being refused on grounds of national security etc, bankruptcy, insolvency or termination of trade of any carrier used by us including cross-channel carrier, and other circumstances affecting passenger safety.

8.2Please note, in the event of any of the above conditions (as stated in 8.1) or any other situations beyond the control of i7C, we reserve the rights to dissolve the contract and a full refund, not exceeding the amount of the hire; will be issued and without further or other liability, cancel the contract.


9.   Complaints:


i7C is committed to provide an exceptional service and ensure hirer’s have a safe journey. However, in the unlikely event of a complaint against i7C s’ services, the hirer should send the details of the complaint to us via email or post; within 7 days of the hire. i7C aims to resolve any complaint within 14 days of it being received.


10. Refund:


10.1i7C Claims from the passenger: A refund will be processed only if a formal written claim is submitted by you and you are required to produce satisfactory documents as proof of identity and proof of hire.

10.2i7C Validity of claim: For claims after your journey, you must claim your refunds no later than 20 days from the date of travel. i7C is not obligated to process any refunds for the claims made after 20 days of the date of travel.

10.3i7C Processing time: Upon authorization, all refunds will be processed within 30 days from the date of approval.

10.4i7C The refund will be made in cash, bank transfer or by cheque, completely at our discretion.


11.  Facilities for driver on travel exceeding one day:


11.1      If the itinerary involves travel for more than one day, the hirer needs to make the below arrangements for the driver:

11.1.1Single room private accommodation in a hotel

11.1.2Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

11.1.3Parking charges for the vehicle, if applicable.


12.   i7C reserves the right to amend and/or change the above terms and conditions as and when required. 

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